Release time 2019-04-11
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We are looking for quality wholesalers and established distributors worldwide that are capable of making the same commitment that we would make to them.

Interested in selling STARSS products?

Become a STARSS wholesaler today! 

STARSS is a company founded on innovation technology, distinct design and premium performance. Join the hundreds of successful STARSS wholesalers and gain full access to our wide range of products. 

We are highly selective in choosing those we partner with, however once the commitment is made, make no mistake about it; we go to all ends to ensure it is mutually beneficial. We offer a competitive, tiered-pricing structure that is tailored to fit the needs of your business. Our top notch marketing support and in-store displays will help boost your revenues. When you partner with us, you’ll also receive one-on-one personalized customer support, an outstanding warranty and easy access to quality assured products. If top of the line innovation and the hottest electronic cigarette and vaping goods are what you’re after, let’s talk.

For more information on becoming a STARSS wholesaler, please contact our Wholesale Department at contact@starssvape.com.

We do not sale online. If you want a STARSS product, please go Contact Us for local distributions.