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How to verify your purchased vape device, as to ensure that you have purchased a genuine STARSS Vape product?

Release time 2019-06-14
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STARSS is becoming one of the most recognized vaping brands in the world today. Our high quality products are what make the STARSS brand so appealing to customers. In order to protect our customers and STARSS’s image as a high quality brand, we have developed methods that allow you to verify your purchased products. Verifying your product will ensure that you have purchased a genuine STARSS vape product.

security code

There is an unique security code on one side of every STARSS Vape product box. By entering the code on our website(, customers can make sure that whether they have or not purchased an original product. We recommend that you visit the website and confirm that you have a genuine STARSS Vape product before using it.

The verification code from STARSS Vape product boxThe verification code from STARSS Vape product box

Additional ways to verify

1) Observing the packing box :

The STARSS original's packing box is exquisite processing, so that it is  high clarity, smooth, nice, flat ,smooth cornersand and flat surface. And the back of packing, clear text, smooth and sharp edge.

But fake packing box is rough processing, the corners are not flat and smooth, the front of packing is indistinct picture, serious colour cast, rough surface full of bumps and hollows. And the back of packing is blurred text, edge isnot smooth.

We recommend that you only buy STARSS products from authorized STARSS distributors and resellers.

Selling counterfeit products is both illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts. STARSS will do our best to protect our brand and patents. Your friendly reminder will be highly appreciated once finding fake products. Let’s reject counterfeit together!