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E-cigarette Resistance

Release time 2019-05-20
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E-cigarette Resistance

New vapers may often hear old ones talk about the resistance of e-cigarettes.  What is the resistance of e-cigarettes? What does it do for vaping?

In fact, the resistance of the electronic cigarette usually refers to the resistance of the heating wire in the nebulizer used , and according to the magnitude of this resistance, the power of electronic cigarette can be adjusted. 

What does e-cigarette ultra low resistance mean?

Ultra low resistance means that the resistance of the atomizer installed on the rod is lower than the tolerance of the rod. Each voltage-regulating electronic cigarette has a chip. In order to protect the chip from damage due to short circuit and low resistance, a resistance range that the chip can withstand, that is, the resistance range of the electronic cigarette, is set. The instructions for the e-cigarette will be marked, so we need to ensure that the nebulizer used is within this range. The ultra-low resistance specification is already below the minimum tolerance range. It is recommended to replace the atomizer with the resistance value within the acceptable range.

What is the meaning of the jump resistor, and what causes the jump resistance?

The jump resistance is usually a problem with the core, or a problem with the atomizer, or it may be a core paste.

The structure that actually causes the jump resistance is the structure of the atomizer. The simpler the atomizer is, the more it will not jump. For example, the general drip atomizer will not jump because of the simple structure. Another possibility that the jump resistance may be caused is that the electrode screw of the fixed resistance wire is not tightened.

How to choose the resistance value, how much resistance is good?

It is generally 20w to start, add 0.5w each time to find the power that suits you. Another is to use 17 ÷ your atomization core resistance = suitable power, you can fine-tune it yourself, pay attention to the power is not too high will paste the core, too low will atomization is not complete.