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Vaping Underground Forums wiz4vap: Starss bravo pod system review

Release time 2019-07-12
Author wiz4vap
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Vaping Underground Forums wiz4vap: Starss bravo pod system review

I received starss bravo from heaven gifts for the purpose of this review.

Starss bravo colors:

  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Green
  • Black
  • Rainbow
  • White
  • Blue
  • Stainless steel
  • Red
  • Gun grey
  • Bronze



  • Dimension: 39.3 x 16.9 x 86.8mm
  • POD Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: 1.4ohm ceramic coil / 0.8ohm mesh coil
  • Battery: Built-in 1000mAh
  • Power: 7-15W
  • Output Voltage: 3-3.5V
  • Charging Current: 1A
  • Material: Zin Alloy/PCTG/RGB LED

In the package:

  • Starss Bravo Device
  • Refillable Cartridge
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual


Starss bravo is made out of zinc alloy and I can say that build quality of this device is very good, also when you take the device in the hand you can feel the quality. Bravo pod system comes in very nice colors, I received the rainbow one. This device is very compact, size of the device: 86.8*39.3*16.9mm, so basically this device is very pocket friendly device. The design of the device is nice in my opinion, also on the device you can see some details, on one side you will see engraved "Bravo", from the other side of the device you can see engraved "Starss".


From the top of the device you can see the cartridge, mouthpiece is very comfortabe for using. Capacity of the cartridge is 2ml which is pretty much okay for a small device as this one, also I think that capacity is more than okay if you use nic salt e liquids. From the bottom of the cartridge you can see the connection, airflow hole and filling hole. So, from the bottom of the device there is a rubber plug and when you take off the rubber plug you can see the fill hole. Filling hole is big and you will have no problems when you need to fill the cartridge. You can pretty much easy take off the rubber plug but you need to be careful not to lose it because in the package there is no spare plug. Airflow hole is small which is very good because with this small hole you will get amazing airflow for mtl vaping.


On the device from the top side you can see the slot for the cartridge. There is no magnet here but cartridge stays in the place more than good, there is no chance that cartridge can fall. On the device you can also see the button and you can see the usb charging port. So basically to charge the battery you will use the usb port, this device has built in 1000mah battery. In my opinion battery capacity is great and for most people the battery will last very long time especially with nic salts which is really good. You can change the output voltage on the device and for that we have the button. So basically to change the voltage you need to click on the button:

  • Green light: 3V
  • Blue light: 3.3V
  • Red light: 3.5v

I relly like that we can adjust the voltage on the device. On this device we don't have the fire button, this device has draw activated switch and it works very good.


How this device works and my thoughts:

Bravo pod system is very well built device, also it is heavier than the most pod systems that I tried, quality is really good here. It is very nice that you can buy the device in very different colors. Cartridge has very good capacity and as I said 2ml is more than okay for pod systems especially if you use pod system with nic salts. You can fill the cartridge very easy because fill hole is big, I didn't have any problems with filling. I really need to say this for beginners, when you fill the cartridge for the first time you need to wait few minutes before you vape. In the cartridge that I received is 1.5ohm coil, this coil is ceramic coil. You can buy separately 0.9ohm mesh coil. I can say that coil from the package works very good and flavor is pretty much good with e liquids that I use, I can say that flavor is maybe better than most pod system that I tried. The airflow on the device like this one is most important to me, it is true that everyone prefers different airflow, but this device has airflow as I like for mtl device, or let me better say this way, if you want the real mtl airflow this device is for you because airflow is tight. The draw automatic switch works really good on this device and you don't need prime puffs which is another very important thing with pod systems. The battery capacity is good and as I said with nic salts battery will last a very long time for most people. I can pick one con here, they should include one more cartridge in the package maybe with mesh coil inside. On this device I also like the button because with that button we can change the voltage which is good feature.

So, starss bravo pod system is good mtl pod system and if you like real mtl pod system you can consider this one.


  • Only one cartridge in the package


  • Build quality is good
  • You can change the voltage
  • Draw activated switch works great
  • Nice design
  • Airflow is very good and this is a real mtl device
  • Nice color options
  • 1000mah battery
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • You can fill the cartridge very easy
  • Cartridge stays perfectly in the place

Thanks to Heaven gifts
You can buy it here: Starss bravo