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Vaping Etiquette Guide for Civilized Vaper, Do You Know?

Release time 2019-05-11
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Vaping Etiquette Guide for Civilized Vaper, Do You Know?

Nowadays, there are more and more users to vape e-cigarettes. However, as a vaper, do you know social etiquette rules and precautions about vaping, especially in public places, do you comply?

As a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, STARSS has compiled some etiquette to follow when vaping our favorite e-juice. The newcomers can see them as a serious "preschool quality education guide". And we hope that VAPE old gunners lead by example, establish a positive image of e-cigarettes and spread the norms of civilization. Let's learn together!

Do it at home

It is your place, you have the privacy to do what you like. However, with vaping, you will not have to worry about the smell or having the smoke stain everything. It would be courteous though to air out your place first before having guests over.

When you go into someone’s car or home, you might ask for permission. Always ask the house owner or driver before you start heating up those coils. Sometimes, they will try to look gracious. Therefore, they will say yes. Even so, offer to take it outside.

While in a vehicle

If it is your vehicle and you feel confident vaping in you own confined space, why not. Though, we do recommend rolling the windows down to avoid impairing your vision. Again, as the same with your place, it is best to air out the vehicle before transporting friends or guests.

Out and about

This is a bit generalistic, when out in public, in a restaurant or at a shop it is recommended to avoid vaping at all. Most of the time, a lot of public places will offer warnings and restriction on smoking. It is best to follow the same rules for vaping – just don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke.

A confined space

They say that a confined space is not a good place for vaping. That makes a lot of sense. There maybe people occupying the same space and will have to breathe in the vapors. The closed space means the vapors will stick around longer. As a result, the concentration will rise with each cloud. This might not be so pleasant for others around you.

Pets and Children

Vaping around children and pets is more or less in the same boat as smoking. It is just good practice to avoid doing it at all. The risk of your pet or child getting into your nicotine e-juices could be fatal.

Vaping around non-smoker/vapers

If you are in around people that do not smoke just take a few moments and ask if it is okay to vape. If they end up having some question be polite and try to inform them about just what vaping is all about.

Vaping around smokers

Some of us vapers have been in their position before, try not to criticize and if a smoker is curious, try and inform them about vaping.